April 22, 2006

As we patiently wait for Cuban Linx II...

We hope Raekwon and Co. can recreate the magic of OB4CL. In the meantime peep this slept on mixtape, exclusively produced by slept on producer Chops.

We all know that We Got it For Cheap Volume 2 is the mixtape of 2005. However, this tape deserves some mention. Being solo-produced, this tape has a rare seamless quality, that most mixtapes (and most rap) lacks. Chops loves the funk. Rae's skills shine through, as Chops gives the Lex and Co. centerstage.

The Chef Vs. The Butcher (Chops and Raekwon, 2005)
1 -Raekwon Intro
2 -What’s Fuckin' With Us
3 -Six Sixes [unreleased]
4 -Clientele Kid feat. Fat Joe & Ghostface Killah
5 - Raekwon Interlude
6 -Pinky Ring feat. Wu-Tang Clan
7 -West Coastin’ [unreleased]
8 -Let’s Go feat. Ghostface Killah & Icewater Inc.
9 -Raekwon Interlude
10 -Firewater feat. Fat Joe & Big Pun
11 -Apollo Kids feat. Ghostface Killah
12 -Daytona 500 feat. Ghostface Killah
13 -Asshole [unreleased]
14 -Criminology feat. Ghostface Killah
15 -Born 2 Win [unreleased]
16 -John Blaze feat. Nas, Big Pun, Jadakiss & Fat Joe
17 -Where You At [unreleased]
18 -The Hood
Bonus Tracks (from Chops’ Virtuosity LP)
19 -U Know Who It Is feat. Chops
20 -Comin’ From The Lower Level feat. Ras Kass & Talib Kweli
21 -Thoroughbred feat. The Mountain Bros.
22 -Blockbuster Smash feat. Chops
23 -Changing Lanes feat. Kanye West & Chops



Anonymous Anonymous said...

now this looks crazy! i cant wait to hear this...keep up the work...thanks!

6:59 PM  

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