November 29, 2006

N.Y.P.D. = New York Pricks and Dicks

History is destined to repeat itself. Just ask the families of Timothy Stansbury Jr., Anthony Baez, Patrick Dorismond, Alberta Spruill, Amadou Diallo, Ousmane Zongo, and Sean Bell.

41 shots. 50 shots. No matter the details, the story continues. Unarmed minority males + wrong place + wrong time + cops = one more fatality. YOU do the math. One more news headline. A barrage of violence, an inexplicable death, and subsequent murderous-cops'-paid-vacations all somehow make sense.

Of course, the victims have criminal records. Of course, the focus of the media is upon Bloomberg's use of the phrase "excessive force." Of course, the city's "leaders" have come out of their hiding places to condemn these acts of violence. Of course, race and class have taken temporary hold of the media's attention. All the puzzle pieces fit, right?

As the holiday season draws near, PS3 sales will soon eclipse the newsworthiness of Sean Bell's death. Our history lies forgotten, waiting to inevitably rear its ugly head again. All the puzzle pieces fit, right?

Music is here to remind us that it doesn't have to fit. Music is here to remind us that there are things in the world that do not make sense: What are YOU gonna do about it? Music is here to help us focus. Anger, frustration, and hopelessness can be transformed via the power of music. Anger becomes a catalyst, frustration becomes your fuel, hopelessness becomes a part of your past, all while noddin' your head. Diggin' in the crates is bigger than hip-hop, it's a history lesson.

Music is a galvanizing force, a reminder of the struggle that lies ahead, and, most importantly, a call to action. Live life NOW. Music is here to remind us of where we came from, how we got here, and how far we still need to go. Are YOU listening?

Eff the Popo Mixtape (alternate link 1, alternate link 2)
Men in Blue - Prince Paul and Everlast
Fuck the Police - Jay Dee
I Shot the Sheriff - Bob Marley
American Skin (41 Shots) - Bruce Springsteen
Sound of Da Police - KRS One
I Fought the Law - The Clash
Can't Truss It - Public Enemy
Mr. Policeman - Rick James
Low Class Conspiracy - Quasimoto
Nigg**s vs. the Police - Richard Pryor
Fite Dem Back - Linton Kwesi Johnson
Just a Friendly Game of Baseball - Main Source
Fuck the Police - NWA
Cop Killer - Ice-T/Body Count
Who's Gonna Take the Weight? - Gang Starr
Pigs - Cypress Hill
Who Protects Us from You? - Boogie Down Productions

UPDATE: 50 Shots - Papoose. Peace to Eskay at Nah Right.
Stream six of the above tracks at Dallas Penn DOT COM.


Anonymous dp said...

Sharp words my brother and great pics

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo, you gotta get that shit off .rar and onto .zip why you hatin on us macs?

3:46 PM  

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