December 13, 2006

Biochemical SLANGIN' Entertainment Incorporated

Let the games begin.

The world ain't ready for the newest shit in the cRap music industry. You're not up on the cRap Music Fantasy League? You're not down with Biochemical Slangin' Entertainment Incorporated? I'm the CEO, bitch. The above eight are MY roster. MINE. They speak to ME.

We can't be stopped. The movement starts NOW.

Ghostface Killah - We Made It (download/stream)


Anonymous CB4 said...

Just made my team, here's the roster:

1. Jay-Z
2. Nas
3. T.I.
4. Lil Wayne
5. Saigon
6. Kanye
7. Akon
8. Lil Kim

To be honest, I didn't think too too hard about it, but it should be fun anyways.

My label's name is "Christian Music Records"... just some good clean music.


10:34 PM  
Blogger vik said...

yo cb4, glad you joined.

it's all about the benjamins. who does suburban america love? who is gonna get arrested?

you got yourself a squad.

thanks again for the mixtape.


10:44 PM  

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