April 23, 2006

Bobbi Humphrey - Blacks and Blues (Blue Note 1973)
This is a hands-down jazz-funk classic. Fuck a jazz purist. This is jazz. This is funk. This is Bobbi Humphrey at her best. Mrs. Humphrey, helped by the genius production and backup instrumentation of the Mizell brothers, created a soundtrack to a movie that was never made. You gotta love that electric piano and clavinet sound.

After I first copped this record, I realized that the Digable Planets garnered at least three samples from this one record. Hopefully, she got her money. Times three.

I do not know what Mrs. Humphrey or her hair is up to lately. If you're interested, she's got a website up (complete with new hair).

Harlem River Drive is the driving tune. Top down (if possible), windows rolled down, Bobbi blasting.
1.Chicago, Damn
2.Harlem River Drive
3.Just A Love Child
4.Blacks And Blues
5.Jasper Contry Man
6.Baby's Gone



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