August 31, 2006

367 Days. STILL Counting.

We are who we INVEST in. We build capital by INVESTING in the future.
We CHOOSE our investments. Shoddy design is a choice. Not being prepared is a CHOICE. Neighborhoods under water were a choice. Not being at the one year anniversary was Cheney's choice. I have to tend to my important investment portfolios.
Instead of delivering results, RHETORIC has become the name of the game. Results take work, time, effort. Results require INVESTMENT.
The thing is, rhetoric WORKS. Rhetoric is easy. Rhetoric does not require work, time, and effort. Rhetoric sounds good. Rhetoric is giving Fats Domino a new National Medal of Arts, because his own was lost in the flood. Investment is building affordable housing and a levee that works. Listening to Black music and naming June Black Music month is easier. Look at all these Nee-gro records I got.
Rhetoric is creating charter schools using public money, allowing your religious agenda to insidiously seep into the classroom. Rhetoric is using Tony Evans or Al Sharpton or (insert name of Black religious "leader" here) to validate your rhetoric. I even have a couple minority friends.
Rhetoric is convincing people that heaven is ten zillion light years away. Investment is convincing people that heaven can be HERE and NOW.
Rhetoric is using fast-track legislation and government funding to refurbish the Superdome to be ready for September 25th. We got to get our priorities straight. We invest in sports, it pays dividends.

Rhetoric is using black children as photo opportunities. Investment is creating schools that are truly our society's equalizers.

If we can't invest in our children, what's next? The baton race continues. The children are passed, from grade to grade, ultimately going nowhere. When there's blood in the property. When there's floods in the property. When there's jobless folks in the streets....go to China and bring in the foreigners. When there's school children in the street....send 'em to war.

THE O'JAYS: Back Stabber and Ship Ahoy

NINA SIMONE: Wild is the Wind and High Priestess of Soul


Anonymous rafi said...

Excellent post.

I'll be linking to it tomorrow.

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome back.

10:58 AM  
Blogger vik said...

rafi - whats goin on. you're doin big things over at oh word. fast rap IS BACK!

anon - thanks.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous dp said...

home fucking run VIK!

the universal ethers had me thinking some of the same thoughts you wrote about. Your imagery is hardbody. always on point. and always giving me cues for a future post. I need that image of the team logos for cleveland, especially the one with the africans. lace me.

no lance bass of course.

FREEDOM opens in two weeks at Tribeca Cinemas. are you in there?

10:20 PM  

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