August 07, 2006

Let them eat cake for 2006...YOU SUCKAS!

The New York heat has been KILLER lately. Literally. 22 people dead and counting. This is America. This kind of thing is supposed to happen in Africa, right? God bless America. Apparently, we don't learn anything from our past mistakes.

We remember what's IMPORTANT to us.

The graphs above are not meteorologic forecasts. The president has to protect his peoples. Nah mean? He remembers those who are important to him. He learns from his mistakes. Lake County, Ohio was visited very quickly after their floods. 95.4% white.

All men are created equal.

While the country faced a heat wave, G DUB was pimpin' his
PODIUM. Not wanting to break a sweat during his outdoor speeches, G DUB called upon a favor from his friends at Kohler: "We don't have any exclusive agreements with the administration, but we're very good at knowing what they need,” say the stans at Kohler. While YOU were sweating, G DUB was enjoying his air-conditioned podium:

“During the rally, the weather was warm and sticky, but the President kept his cool thanks to an air-conditioning vent underneath the podium installed by Steve Buchanan, the on-site Kohler Applications Specialist. The air conditioner was actually backstage, but Buchanan rigged a 100-foot ducting system beneath the stage. ‘That was the first time we've done spot air conditioning,’ says Spinicelli, ‘so it was additional revenue for us and a feather in our cap, too. The nice thing is that Steve, the Kohler tech, can pull that kind of thing off for us. We've had him on several high-profile presidential sites and he's very good. His knowledge of not only power but also air conditioning helps a lot.’”

The boys up top got their PRIORITIES straight.

STEVIE WONDER: Hotter than July
MF GRIMM: American Hunger, Lunch
MF GRIMM: American Hunger, Last Supper



Blogger froz1 said...

HAHA Booker T. & Stevie Ray, they were/are the shit. This weather in the northeast has been out of control lately.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Amadeo said...

I would love to hear G Dub's views on Global Warming while he's adjusting his podium air.

9:44 AM  
Blogger vik said...

amadeo - for all we know he has no idea the world is gettin hotter. everytime he makes a public appearance, he's got that spot air conditioner.

ignorance is bliss.

3:43 PM  

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