July 22, 2006

Talkin' All that JAZZ

Rhetoric is easy when you're on your way out. The economy is a mess. Kids all over the world are smarter than ours. You're fighting a battle that cannot be won. Halliburton is making buckets of money. The ghetto tax is real. Military aid to Africa has been drastically cut, allowing Islamic militants to take over Mogadishu. Entergy New Orleans wants to raise its electricity rates by 25% due to your administration rejecting a taxpayer bailout for Entergy. Medication errors cause thousands of deaths and cost billions annually; if you're in a hospital for four days, expect four errors. Fuck it. Let's try to get Black people to vote for us. Did you know that the Republican Party is the party of Lincoln? A remedy? A solution? Nah. A speech to the N-double-A-C-P!
Bush's speech was an exercise in political Bull SHIITE. If you're speaking to a group of Black people, mention the following: God, equality, slavery, "the party of Lincoln," Martin Luther King Jr., Katrina, Medicare/Medicaid, racism, inner city schoolchildren, No Child Left Behind, Bob Johnson, BET, the Reverend _____ _________, "government hand outs," faith-based groups, AIDS, Africa, and "May God Bless."
Add some adjectives, verbs, nouns, and some "I am out of touch with Black people humor" and you have yourself the makings of a political speech to a Black audience. Here's a G Dub knee-slapper: “Bruce, thanks for your introduction. Bruce is a polite guy -- I thought what he was going to say, it's about time you showed up." Laughed so hard, I started crying.


Anonymous billy sunday said...

Vote or Die VIK, time to get your SPITZER '06 street team together.

2:35 AM  
Blogger vik said...

rock the vote.
vote or die.

who the fuck cares? just vote.

then we could start dealin with the education crisis, unemployment, affordable housing, prison rehabilitation, etc etc etc

8:45 AM  

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