July 18, 2006

That Buck that Bought a Bottle Could've Struck the Lotto

Thankfully, the future is far away. Let's worry about NOW. Tomorrow is another day.

That is the modus operandi for most Americans, according to a recently released study. Here's the short story: 44% of Americans are not saving one penny. A penny saved is a penny spent, right? 66% of Americans will live their retirement with a lower standard of living. 18% of American workers have pension plans. Social security is enough, right?

Most tellingly, the study points to investments in housing, cars, etc. have artificially inflated American's perception of their net worth. “The SIA study more than confirms our worry – in fact, it points to reasons for growing concern that the housing boom is turning into a retirement bust.” We are relying on our assets that we have NOW to ensure our standard of living TOMORROW.

If we can't INVEST in ourselves, how can we expect to INVEST IN OTHERS?

Krown Rulers: Paper Chase http://www.f-forge.com/?d=a1eg4IAxCvj6UFoMqfXt
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo: The Road to the Riches http://www.f-forge.com/?d=JkOWFUqQfvl80jpHgzun


Blogger vik said...

this just in: we are spending every penny we earn and then some. our savings rate is -0.5%.

not good.

hasn't been this bad since the depression.

god damn.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous billy sunday said...

hey Vik, I have been in Atlanta all week with no real internets access other than my cell phone. When I first read this drop I was like "Damn, dunn is spittin' the truth that niggas cant handle". When it all falls down will I wish I spent my time trying to pee on a sixteen yr. old?

2:26 AM  
Blogger vik said...

priorities PRIORITIZE.

we gotta have some and learn how to do it.

until then.....we're just waiting. waiting.

8:43 AM  

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