September 07, 2006

WE Watch Channel ZERO. What else is on?

The powers that be have decided. They know what is important for us. For the good, they say. Immigration is no longer an issue. 12 million immigrants can't be right. As elections draw near, the real guns come out. Not AK-47s. Not even .38s. The Republican think tank.
The immigration station has been shut down, to be replaced by national security. You may think you have a choice. However, you turn the channel and find more national security. If it's on TV, it's gotta be right.

Enough politics, you say? Enough. Let's turn the channel to the entertainment network. BET. MTV. Hot97. Entertainment is just fun and games, right? No messages, no agenda, no ulterior motives.

The think tank has got lots of friends with lots of money. Lots of money means lots of influence. Lots of influence means its on TV. We don't vote, anyway. What they WANT us to see is what we see. The Daisy Age didn't die. It was killed. Don't get it twisted, it's ALL CONNECTED.
All we have to do is stop watching. Time equals money. The more of OUR time we waste, the more of OUR money they get. The more of our time we waste, the more of THEIR agenda becomes OUR reality. The more of our time we waste, the older we get. Before we know it, their agenda will become OUR CULTURE, their agenda will become our INSTITUTIONS. God bless America.
Slavery was an American institution.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your post never fail to inspire me to get up again, keep fighting that fight. Thanks.

11:35 AM  
Blogger JuiceyJ said...

I love you site, I check on it often, great post. Peace

12:05 PM  
Blogger vik said...

juiceyj - thanks for droppin by. glad yo like what you read.


12:05 AM  

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