October 23, 2006

7.5 Million People CAN Be Wrong.

It's THAT time. While
7.5 million of us tuned in to watch Flava Flav whore himself to Supremacy, we were being microtargeted. While the media writes about ratcheting and chicken-noodle soup, they're on their grind. Don't believe the hype. The Republican party has nothing to worry about. They're WATCHING YOU. They call it microtargeting.

This goes beyond wire-tapping. Karl Rove has a reason to be confident. The Republican Mantra: What you buy is who you are. No wonder
Don King, Mike Tyson, and Bob Johnson are the Republican Party's way of connecting to the minority vote.

The Republican Party does its research: 7.5 million people can't be wrong. With the media holding such a sway on our thoughts, no wonder the Republicans decided to
rewrite history and manipulate facts.

After watchin Flava, they suppose we'll believe anything. MLK is a Republican? Democrats abort too many black babies? Whatever it takes. They figure they'll cut their losses: lets go for the extremism. Let's go for emotion. Have you seen that Flavor of Love show? They don't vote anyway.

Who's next? As the pawns line up, rhetoric has become the word of the day. Communities, education, leadership, self-reliance have become buzzwords, not end-points.

As Black kids become photo-ops, as Black churches become a place of political maneuvering, as history is rewritten during midterm elections, we STILL can't wait for the new flavor:
FLAVORETTE. If it worked twice, why won't it work again? Until we turn our TV off, they know what's important to us.

MAX ROACH: We Insist! Freedom NOW Suite


Anonymous rafi said...

argh.. mind boggling at the mlk and especially the abortion story.

i'm sure we've all heard a lot of rap lyrics pass along the same message against aborting black babies ... minus the party agenda but it's easy to see how the right-to-life right can run with it.

i still think more people should be checking your blog.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Hummingbyrd said...

7.5 Million.

Two Words.

Brain Think.

Ignorance sells ock.

And just because hella people doin' it don't make it right, otherwise I would be selling my a$s and or cracks instead of going to class and struggling through all this hard a$$ archaic material.

5:15 PM  
Blogger vik said...

@ rafi - good point. but comin from the right wing.....just not right.

@ m dot - true. INVESTMENT pays. whether its time, effort, money, etc, etc.

7.5 million people wanted their fix NOW.

8:44 PM  
Anonymous dal said...

VIK, you haven't stoppedbringing the heat from day one. 7.5 million people will be the folks deciding my programming on these cable outlets.

That microtargeting ish is on some more 1984 come to life type shiite. Niggas know how many plys I use when I wipe my azz.

I'm gonna try to bring some traffic thru your page ASAP. You have a nice string of relevent posts. I think you were on that blogger crack.

10:32 AM  
Blogger vik said...

dp - what's good? thanks for the props and the traffic. this little piece of shiite in the blogosphere could use the help

12:36 PM  

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