October 09, 2006

The Educational Baton Race: Who's Gonna Take the BLAME?

Back in the days, our parents used to take care of us.
Look at 'em now, they even fuckin' scared of us.
Callin' the city for help because they can't maintain.
Damn, shit done changed

Fast forward to 2006. Parents are still calling the city. However, now the city is calling private businesses because they can't maintain. More than 50 small schools in NYC will lose their funding in June. Klein and Bloomberg decided to open their schools to private businesses.

College Board. Kaplan. Princeton Review. Urban Assembly. Private interests who may ultimately control curricula, standards, and exams. Kids lunch money paper is LONG. Fuck real estate. Well, buy up your favorite crack house and turn it into a crack home. Then, invest in the BUSINESS of education. Our kids are not the products of their environment. They're the environment for THEIR products.

Black kids make great photo-ops. Smart Black kids at a charter school, posing to advance your agenda make even better photo-ops. Here's the Bush logic: We need to make children test-taking machines. We need to give children tests. We'll see the results and THEN we'll fund education: "We'll spend more money on education, but in return, we want to see results."

In return? Damn. Dude is danglin' education over the fire. While we disapprove of the guy, he's bargaining with your kid's education. When you vote, ask yourself: What is precious to you? Before you turn that crank in the voting booth, does the politician getting your vote have the same precious?

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