October 11, 2006

The Pot Can Still Call the Kettle Nig***

Here's a piece of news for ya: black people can systematically suppress white people. Noxubee County, Mississippi, with a population of under 9,000, blacks outnumber whites 3-to-1. Somehow, the US Department of Justice believes this man is responsible for the suppression of the white vote in Noxubee. Among other things, Ike is accused of rigging absentee ballots, harassing white poll-goers, bringing in black ringers to run against white candidates, and hiring only black poll managers.

I am not making this up: "[The] United States alleges that the practices of local election and party officials discriminate against whites in violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act."

Poor whitey. Feeling excluded, once every two years, must feel pretty bad. Feeling like you don't belong, once every two years, must really hurt. Knowing that your skin color is to blame for people's perceptions of you, once every two years, must be hard to come to terms with.

Ike isn't worried: “They can’t win anyway unless we choose to vote for them,” he said with a smile. “If I was doing something wrong — that’s like closing the barn door when the horse is already gone.” His lawyer was even more on the money: "He is a Karl Rove genius on the Noxubee County level.”

Black people organizing to get their agenda on the table? That's scary. The Black Karl Rove? White people, grab your guns, stash your daughters, and head for the hills.

Mississippi John Hurt: The Immortal Mississippi John Hurt
Pablo Moses: Revolutionary Dream


Blogger Amadeo said...

I'm just waiting for someone to say now they know how black people feel.

9:37 PM  
Blogger vik said...

it'll come with time.....

this story still makes me laugh.

or is it cry?

10:41 PM  
Anonymous jay said...


2:31 PM  
Blogger vik said...

jay - nice video, great track.

take the jelly out your spine...


2:48 PM  
Blogger Zero G Sound said...

Mississippi John Hurt is so intense - thanks for this share!

1:59 PM  
Blogger vik said...

zero g- mississippi could bring it. one guitar. one voice. period.

9:55 AM  

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