September 16, 2006


Carnage. Violence. Bloodshed. Needless. Many of the aforementioned words are used to describe the daily happenings of these places. Violent. Failing. Teacher shortage. Bloodshed. I just gotta pass. Many of the aforementioned words are used to describe their schools. Makeshift memorials line the streets and porches. Schools are cheap day care. Safe water is a commodity. Everyday, more senseless killing. More senseless violence. More senseless bloodshed. Where are we?
Baghdad or Philadelphia? Al Anbar or Oakland? Najaf or Paterson? Falluja or Brooklyn? Mosul or the Bronx? Basrah or Chicago? Mamoon or New Orleans? Black or brown or yellow?
Don't get me wrong, there is a war goin' on OVER THERE. People are dying senselessly everyday. Teachers are trying to teach everyday. People are trying to get by everyday. Hospital emergency rooms are filled to capacity everyday. Sound familiar? Don't believe the hype. There's a war goin' on RIGHT HERE too.
We're killin' each other like we were at war with each other. Everyday. We need responsibility, accountability, and respect. It starts with US. It starts with YOU. No one's gonna hold our hands. Legislation, security, and investments in our community would help too. 315 billion dollars for a war over there. All New Jersey schools are asking for is 3 billion. Not to mention the 108 failing New York City schools. Don't forget the 50 million uninsured Americans. YOU do the math.
As we still look for the faceless enemy OVER THERE, we're creating unstable time bombs right HERE: uneducating our kids. Our own people are killing each other. We're doing it to ourselves. They're just waiting for us to go away. One by one. One more two paragraph blurb buried in Section C, page 18. One more kid dead. Stop the war HERE.


Anonymous Billy Sunday said...

I thought that I had commented here already but I see I didn't share the thought that had ranged thru my dome.

First off, you do a yeoman's job with just the imagery you choose, i can imagine how long it takes to mine the web for those pics.

Secondly, you kill it with the YouTube clips. Rock, rock on my brother.

7:18 PM  

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