December 18, 2006

A new PS3? Who the eff cares?

The Coup - Underdogs (download/stream)
Lou Rawls - God Bless the Child (download/stream)

Oliver Nelson - Stolen Moments (download/stream)
Max Roach - Praise for a Martyr (download/stream)

Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-changin' (download/stream)
Aretha Franklin - A Change is Gonna Come (download/stream)
Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit (download/stream)

Curtis Mayfield - Stare and Stare (Live) (download/stream)

Bob Dylan - Only a Pawn in Their Game (download/stream)

John Coltrane - Alabama (download/stream)

You say you want a revolution?
Well, you know that we all want to change the world.
You tell me that it’s evolution.
Well, you know that we all want to change the world.

You say you got a real solution.
Well, you know that we’d all love to see the plan.
You ask me for a contribution.
Well, you know that we’re doing what we can.

You say you’ll change the constitution.
Well, you know that we all want to change your head.
You tell me it’s the institution.
Well, you know you had better free your mind instead.
(J. Lennon)

Curtis Mayfield - I Plan to Stay A Believer (Live) (download/stream)


Anonymous CB4 said...

Great post, as usual.
The four comparison pictures are especially great.
Whatever people have to say about Al Sharpton and Bruce Gordon, you have to give them props for leading this march... because it was beginning to look like people weren't gonna do sh*t about it (i.e. Papoose put out a good track about the shooting... good enough for me!).


12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

some of the flicks made the hairs on my arm stand up.

Curtis made my friday nights.

7:22 PM  
Blogger vik said...

cb4 - i agree. at least there was a march and the planting of the seed: hit em where it hurts, their pockets. what we DO with this inertia is a whole different ballgame.

malik - glad you liked the pics. when i saw some of the sean bell protest pics, i was like....wait deja vu....i've SEEN these before.

unfortunately, history has a way of repeating itself.

somehow, music helps us get THROUGH it.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Amadeo said...

When I see the pics of the different Panthers, it always makes me think of how they changed the laws just to prevent anything like them happening in the same manner.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous st. said...

good post as always. though with that beatles lyrics, you know, lennon was accused of being a sellout by the revolution left, or whatever they were called back then because they lyrics are something like "don't you know you can count me out (in)" which supposedly reflected the tension in whether he thought inner change v. revolution were what was necessary. anyhow that song is about how you can only change your self. which, may in fact be true, but it doesn't provide much comfort when dudes are being shot in the street.

12:48 PM  

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