December 16, 2006

War? Who the eff cares?

Doug E. Fresh - Africa, Goin' Back Home (download/stream)
John Coltrane - Up 'Gainst the Wall (download/stream)

With the holiday season fast approaching, I find myself stopping to smell the proverbial roses more often. After all my ruminations, I've come to one conclusion: Thank G-O-D that I live in a RICH, WHITE county. Amen.

HERE, only the men carry guns. Here, we fight wars because we can. No, eff that...because we WANT to. Here, we can purse our lips and rock peace signs. Here, we can tell everyone how "ghetto" we are.

Over there, they call diplomas GUNS. Over there, there's just one big ghetto.

Here, our parents fight over our rights to carry cell phones to school. Why, you ask? Because we CAN, got dammit. Thank GOD that I live in a RICH, WHITE land.

Tego Calderon - El Subestimado


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