March 25, 2007

Sometimes I Feel Like...The NYPD is WATCHING Me

Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me
MC5 - Motor City is Burning

Further adding to their stellar reputation, the NY Times uncovered evidence that the NYPD sent officers to infiltrate organizations that were planning on protesting during the Republican National Convention of 2004. Far from terrorist cells, the NYPD went as far as Europe and Albuquerque. Far from terrorist training camps, the NYPD infiltrated church groups, antiwar groups, and people who were openly against the death penalty.

These are YOUR taxpayer dollars at work. If you live in the FIVE BOROUGHS, those are also YOUR CITY TAXES at work. Do you feel safe, already?!?

“Activists are showing a well-organized network made up of anti-Bush sentiment; the mixing of music and political rhetoric indicates sophisticated organizing skills with a specific agenda,” said the NYPD report, dated Oct. 9th, 2003. “Police departments in above listed areas have been contacted regarding this event.”

The mixing of music and political rhetoric indicates sophisticated organizing skills? WTF? I wish I was making this up. Maybe this is why we haven't found Osama. Maybe this is why we hit Iraq instead of Afghanistan.

Have our overzealous methods turned against us? Biochemical Slang wants to know, "Are we living in a police state?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

eff the police!

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