May 25, 2006

I put on my Adidas, headed out the door, As I pictured myself eatin more and more.

Investing in our future is tough. It takes time. Effort. Oh yeah, and some money too. We may not see results tomorrow, but persistence will pay off. When I first read this, I thought the NYC Department of Health was on to something. It's hard to eat healthy when you got two dollars in your pocket. One tropical fantasy, a dollar sandwich, a bag of Utz, and a Oatmeal Cream. Tropical is a fruit right?

Recently, the Journal of the American Medical Association released data from a thirty year study that shows poverty is one of the greatest risk factors for childhood obesity. Skipping breakfast and a heavy reliance on calories from sugar were cited as major contributors. Can I get some ketchup on my bacon-egg-n-cheese? That's another vegetable.

Access to healthy, comparably priced food options are few to nil in the Bronx. Take a walk. So, what is the city looking at doing? Fighting the "underground...segment of society" that bombs the trains. Graffiti. Twenty-five million dollars. That's one thousand times one thousand times twenty-five.

Scapegoat. The underworld as the enemy. Hip-Hop. Diabetes will not only slowly kill us, it will eat away our valuable health care dollars. Geriatric diseases are becoming pediatric diseases. Insulin, dialysis, hacked limbs, blindness will all soon be commonplace. Unfortunately, diabetes is an insidious disease, slowly altering your physiology. I need my solution now. Right now.

Spending money now on what matters will pay dividends in the future. An investment. We're already spending billions.

Fat Boys: Crushin' (1987):
How many kiddies know what a thousand times one million is?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that videos from square one!

7:01 PM  
Anonymous dp said...

no brokeback, but you killed it with this post. A nice linear train of thought with some biting sarcastic wit.

you got this one off brother.

1:50 AM  
Anonymous dp said...

oh yeah, you kept it reaaaaaaaal 'hood with the images too.

BioChemical Slang is fast becoming a place that I can draw inspiration for my own work. Goog look'n and keep your head up.

no B.B., of course

1:53 AM  
Anonymous Jurij Ganjov said...

im just wondering that since you did the axelrod post a while back, you might have the two electric prunes lp he produced as well. since as i see - and thats a great thing on your part - you have a concept behind the whole blog, not just throwing up whatever stuff you feel like for people to take their hands on, i trully understand if - and thats if you have those albums - 1. you dont do requests for the above mentioned reason, 2. it wont fit into your broader picture to do another axelrod post.

its just it wud be really appreciated and since as i see we have a common respect for the art of music, you have to know that it wud make one eastern european black music fan mad happy if you could help him out!


keep up the good work!

9:26 AM  
Blogger vik said...


Sorry, don't have those albums, but I'm always on the lookout. If I find em, I'll post em.

Glad you like the site.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great "article".. your blog keeps me wanting more. your "articles" are true and to the point.

Are you a magazine writer???????

Keep it up.

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Jurij Ganjov said...

thanks in advance!!

1:14 PM  

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