May 22, 2006

The Voice of Protest: Diggin in the Crates.

Hip-Hop. Angry with everything. We hate haters. We'll ether our musical nemesis. We hate swagger jackers. We'll start a beef to sell some records.

No WMD's. Slept on it. Katrina. Slept on it. Bush approval ratings. Slept on it. A dialogue on race. Slept on it. A dialogue on immigration. Still sleepin. To answer MTV's question, I started diggin in the crates.

Real anger. Directed at the issues that need to be heard. Influencing fans to think outside of the entertainment box, albeit for three minutes. It's a start. These songs represent feelings distilled and translated via music. Coltrane didn't even need words to express his anger over church bombings in Alabama, "It represents, musically, something that I saw down there translated into music from inside me." What more can we ask for?

We have a lot to learn. Music can be a catalyst to action. Music helps us remember. Don't sleep.

1 - I Can't Write Left Handed - Bill Withers
2 - Compared to What - Les McCann and Eddie Harris
3 - No More War - Burning Spear
4 - Get Down - War
5 - Underground - Curtis Mayfield
6 - The Ballad of Hollis Brown - Nina Simone
7 - You Can Have Watergate But Gimme Some Bucks and I'll Be Straight Pt. 1 - Fred Wesley
8 - Money Money - Horace Andy
9 - Colored Town - Phil Ochs
10 - You Haven't Done Nothin - Stevie Wonder
11 - Someday We'll All Be Free - Donny Hathaway
12 - Alabama - John Coltrane


Blogger Hummingbyrd said...

Your post reminds me that "IT" is bigger than Hip Hop.

Life, politics, birth, death, taxes, the economy. All 'lat.

12:38 PM  
Blogger Leave Your Nine At Home said...

Dope post! I love this type of shit...

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Billy Sunday said...

Yo man, I am mad I wasn't first at this post to big you up. That 'Trane video clip is heavy. Who's gona take the weight? It's up to the dame folks that was always in the trenches - us.

Our parents held it down for us and now it's our turn to step up. The voice and the drum are the oldest instruments known to man. I will not cosign the abuse of either by the prophets of profit.

Great post Vik, it makes me want to holler.

2:54 AM  

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