July 11, 2006

More Than Meets the Eye

The CAUCASIABOTS possess the power of the Matrix. They have the ability to transform nationalities. From American to their European country of preference and back again; assimilation with an on-off switch. This power increases after international sports events, high profile trials, and Republican scapegoating. The following two before-and-after pictures are shown as evidence.

Unfortunately, the IMMIGRANTICONS do not possess the power to control the Matrix. They are outsiders in the land they call home, the land of the free. No matter how long they have stayed, no matter the battles they have fought, they are never home. The Immigranticons are who you see. They cannot transform. What you WANT to see is what YOU get. The following four before-and-after pictures are shown as evidence.

The Caucasiabots and the Immigranticons are forever caught in an idealogical battle. They are doomed to share the Galaxy's one melting pot. The recipe is simple. The melting pot consists of one part oil, two parts water. Simmer for decades. Ignore.
FUNKADELIC One Nation Under A Groove http://www.f-forge.com/?d=Z7UTXEa614zMFAe5BlYg


Blogger Zero G Sound said...

Thanks a lot for the Flaming Lips, great album!

11:03 AM  
Anonymous dp said...

Thanks for that Funkadelic video. Where do you find these joints?

btw, sick post, so true. The Italian victory in the world cup has been so fucking annoying.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous zk said...

another great post. thx

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Robert said...

Hey Vik,
another great subject and so true...I can't add nothing to that and I can be a smart mouth...haha
We're on the same wavelength here.
Omg,I saw so many italians flags that my eyes are sore!!! haha
peace out,

8:00 PM  

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