July 09, 2006

Child Truancy = Parent Eviction. YOU do the math.

The Norwalk Housing Authority in CT has a novel idea to cut truancy at local elementary schools. If you're kid cuts too much, you will be evicted.

The proposal works as follows: 4 unexcused absences = mandatory tutoring at Norwalk tutoring centers. 6 unexcused absences = parents perform community service at Norwalk learning center. 7 unexcused absences = parents meet with housing authority officials. 10 absences = eviction.

Direct consequences demand direct attention. The squeeky wheel with threat of eviction gets the most oil.

If approved, the legislation would affect kindergarten - third grade and an additional grade each year. If you're kindergarten - third grade child is not attending school, the parents must be held accountable. Period. If education isn't important, Norwalk wants to MANDATE its importance. Education is more than just what happens at school.


Anonymous dp said...

It's hard for me to argue with the legislators on principle, but the truth is that there are so many miseducated generations inside public housing that would be homeless if not for it.

If a child is truant to that degree than the parents need to return to grade school as well.

How can you expect a child to value their education if the parent holds no value for it.

1:33 AM  

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