July 06, 2006

We Got It For CHEAP.

"I've been at cocktail parties where people laugh about it."
"…if one of them were to refuse, you can imagine the repercussions."
"They bring me warm bodies, 10 warm bodies in the morning. They do anything you ask them to do."

With a current unemployment rate of 4.6 percent, prison labor is still cheaper than hiring unemployed Americans. It's even cheaper than illegal immigrants. Money screams louder than rhetoric.

We're number one! We have the number one incarceration rate in the world! More than 600/100,000 Americans are serving prison terms. Human caging is expensive. Putting prisoners to work helps even out the scales.

East Carroll Parish in Louisiana is a small 9,000-person community. 10% of the community is incarcerated, and a majority of its workforce is incarcerated. They're cheap. They come with their own sheriff enforcers. Here's how it works: prisoners do what they are told and get paid minimum wage. Sheriffs take out "expenses" from prisoners' wages. Prisoners work for nothin. "If you talk to people around here, it is jokingly referred to as rent-a-convict. There's something offensive about that. It's almost like a form of slavery." On top of their expenses, sheriffs make $22.39/prisoner.

The prison-industrial complex is alive. They're stuffing your envelopes, telemarketing to your house, entering data in your government's offices, tending the livestock you'll eventually eat, and building the prisons their kids will eventually live in. With the thousands of dollars necessary per year to incarcerate one prisoner, something's gotta give. It's only fair.

BURNING SPEAR: Marcus Garvey/100th Anniversary http://www.f-forge.com?d=tmyOvMK2ZV1AzL8oF7kW


Blogger Maggie said...

ok, hi, i understand that self promotion is bad, and that i may anger you, but nevertheless, i cannot resist the temptation of inviting you over to my blog to check out one thingie.:-)

8:55 AM  
Anonymous PhillyBuster said...

Winston Rodney - aka Burning Spear - is a legend. Thanks for the post.

1:15 PM  

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