October 28, 2006

Don't Front on MY Brothers. I Take Care of Them Before I Take Care of OTHERS.

Small businesses can be a vehicle towards self-reliance and economic stability. They promote that do-it-yourself, do-it for-the-community fervor that many of our neighborhoods need. They promote investment, investment in communities that need more than Section 8 and rent collecters that show up on the 1st and 15th of the month. They also promote rhetoric. If you happen to make bombs, war can be a boon for your business.
G DUBBZ recently visited a "small business" in Florida, to promote his party's agenda:
"I wanted to stop by here at Gyrocam for a couple of reasons: One, low taxes encourage small business growth. One of the reasons why we're adding jobs in this country of ours is because our small business sector is flourishing. And in order to make sure that companies such as this little company continue to expand you got to keep taxes low. If we run up taxes it's going to make it harder for the small businesses to expand.....The other thing that's interesting about this little company is one of the products they make is an IED detector."
The truth comes out. What's an IED detector, you ask? It's an Improvised Explosive Device Detector. Oh, it tells us where mines are. Oh, this isn't a mom-and-pop small business. Gyrocam is a made-by-the-government small business. Last time I checked, my bodega didn't carry mine detectors. Gyrocam's a small business that made it, not via the old-school pick yourselves up by your bootstraps variety. Instead, they knew someone, who knew someone, who knew the president. Gyrocam just received a $51,730,000 government contract for their IED's. Who says we're in a slump?
The War Machine is alive and well. While YOU may not have a job, many of THEM do. While you're strugglin' through school, THEY'RE being grandfathered into their government contracts, trust funds, and hedge funds. While you're dying, they're building the weapons that may end up killing you. While YOU struggle to pay the bills or get that loan, the government's coverin' THEIR tab.


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