January 21, 2007

A Surge is STILL a War

Fishbone -

No matter what the administration decides to cloak the truth with, it's still a war. We didn't INVADE Iraq...we liberated it. Whether they call it Operation Iraqi Freedom, our brothers and sisters still die. Whether they call it Operation Forward Together, we still have to deal with the pain of loss.

Now they tell us it's a SURGE. Not a war, mind you. Not more poor kids goin' off to die in some exotic land. This is a SURGE, mind you.

January 20th, 2007 marked the day 24 American soldiers sacrificed their lives, making it the third deadliest day since we "liberated" Iraq. Tell their mothers this was a surge. Tell their sons this was a surge. Tell them this is liberation.

Even with 2/3 of the country opposed to his surge, Bush is pushing ahead with his plan. Even with 62% of the country disapproving, he's steadfast. His PR peoples own a thesaurus. Apparently, there's a lot more "surges" ahead.
"There's a light on a hill
That's far out in the distance.
And it calls out my name.
It calls out for a change.
Far away voices
That want their own choices.
Sigh for a plea
As it calls out for a change."
- Chris Dowd and Kendall Jones (Fishbone)


Blogger Amadeo said...

People always try to rationalize these situations...I think that's so they don't have to remember that people die. Then they try to pull out the "troops agree with the strategy" and forget that
a)Disagreement in the military = courtmartial
b)People in war just try to think about fighting well because that = living.

11:23 AM  
Blogger vik said...

there's no such thing as a healthy discussion in the military. its either us or them.

rationalization is how the govt dehumanizes the enemy. iraqi citizens become insurgents. vietnamese become charlies....etc etc

5:58 PM  

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