January 15, 2007

USA: Since 1963, More (photo) OPPORTUNITIES for Young, Black Students

Fred Wesley & the JBs -
I'm Paying Taxes What Am I Buying?
Boogie Down Productions -
Illegal Business
The Impressions -
Choice of Colors

Abstract reasoning would be one of the last phrases that comes to mind when the name George W. Bush Jr. is mentioned. I'd pin him for more of a concrete reasoning type of guy. The following G DUBBZ internal monologue can't be too far from the truth:
"Well, Martin King was Black. That means this is a Black holiday. That means I should go to one of those shitty Black schools, just down the road. Martin King's wife died last year, I should mention her name too. I should probably mention Katrina. That usually works. Can't forget to hug the little pickneys. Media'll eat this up. This whole president thing is pretty damn easy."

I'll even throw in some irony for ya, straight from the pages of the Washington Post: "I encourage people all around the country to seize any opportunity they can to help somebody in need," Bush said from the library of Cardozo High, a predominantly poor, minority high school about 10 minutes from the White House."

IRONY: walking to your shitty public high school, while the Washington Monument is in your field of vison.

IRONY, walking back home from your shitty day at your shitty school, knowing the White House is just down the road.

IRONY: knowing your school's location has afforded you more photo opportunities than job opportunities.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite Impressions song, and some real talk. Nice work.

9:10 AM  
Blogger Amadeo said...

Square Biz.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mlking it for all it's worth

5:04 PM  

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