January 17, 2007

Come for the Tenements, Stay for the Failing Schools

Mash Out Posse -
Hilltop Flava (No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn)
Roy Ayers -
We Live in Brooklyn, Baby
Killah Priest -
Heavy Mental

Recently, Brooklyn was named as one of the world's
HOTTEST tourist spots. Instead of planning your next vacation to one of those exotic, minority-filled countries, think about the County of KINGS. Instead of going to a Jamaican beach, where they don't let actual Jamaicans walk (unless they're servin' you a pina colada), come to the BK.

Come explore the 5 million dollar Brooklyn blocks. No, these aren't your average Hollywood-style million-dollar-home-Lexus-in-the-driveway-block. Save that ish. These blocks run up 5 million dollar INCARCERATION bills. Annually. With no sign of abatement, so you can come next year too!

If the building is empty, you KNOW the CHINESE RESTAURANT is goin' nowhere. They'll make you anything you want, as long as it's fried.

With the city's 2.1 BILLION-DOLLAR surplus, things are lookin' even better. Where else are you gonna find 46 kids in ONE classroom? Where else are you gonna find unannounced high school shut downs? Where else are you gonna find 50% high school graduation rates? Where else are you gonna find a mayor that responds to that horrendous fact with: at least the rates are “the highest in 20 years?" And all that WITH a 2.1 BILLION dollar surplus.

Brooklyn. Open for business. With all these tourists comin' in, there's gonna be a lot of service-industry jobs available. Lots of hotel rooms to clean. Bar stools to wipe. Pina coladas to serve. Good thing we have that 50% high school graduation rate.


Anonymous CB4 said...

In the article it said there are "hipster bars" in Brooklyn - it MUST be a hot tourist spot!!

1:15 PM  
Blogger vik said...

yeah, that was a classic quote. i liked this one as well:

"It's a diverse place," Lonely Planet spokesman Frank Ruiz said. "There are hipster bars, there's great shopping, all along with an intimate neighborhood feel."

diversity = bars, shopping, and neighborhood feel.



6:40 PM  

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