February 13, 2007

We'll Give You Sports. Entertainment? Maybe Next February.

Stevie Wonder - Black Man
Living Colour - Cult of Personality
Lakim Shabazz - Black is Back
Ice Cube - I Wanna Kill Sam

Being February, the obligatory made-for-the-press White House functions are in full gear. Words, promises, and handshakes. No matter that New Orleans has become the lost city of Atlantis. No matter that Black murder rates are skyrocketing. No matter that urban education has become America's Peace Corps. G DUBBZ says, "EFF THAT, it's February!"

Peep the above subliminal, jacked straight from WHITE HOUSE DOT GOV. Yes, it's Black history month, but George Washington is still YOUR forefather. Yes, we'll let you wear "Black History" sashes, but only if master watches over you. Is it just me, or does it look like the slave owner watching over his field hands?

Not only is master watching over his field hands, G DUBBZ added that sports have been the crowning African-American achievement:
  • "It might just have been a game for some, but for a lot of folks it was a moment, an historic moment. And we congratulate Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith for their strong leadership and their example."
  • "Sylvester Croom, who is the head football coach from Mississippi State University. His achievement is the first African American coach in the Southeastern Football League -- Southeastern Conference."
  • "I want to tell you the story of Bonnie St. John. She grew up in California, which is -- most places in California are not very close to the snow. But she wanted to be a skier...."
  • "Some of you baby boomers might remember Mudcat. He pitched for the Minnesota Twins. They went to the 1965 World Series, and he won 25 games. He founded what's called the Black Aces."
  • "Any baseball fan knows he's a Hall of Famer -- and that's Fergie Jenkins, a member of the Black Aces, as well as Mike Norris, former pitcher for the Mudcats."

And let's not forget, Wesley Autrey, G DUBBZ's new favorite black man. He's been to the White House TWICE already. They love when you save one of their own:
"You know, you might remember Wesley from the State of the Union address. I remember Wesley was I think sending a hand signal to you, Mr. Chairman. So was I, by the way. (Laughter.) I love you, man. Ummmm. No Mark Foley. Hand signals? Love you?

Athletes are all you could come up with? OK, so you threw in a couple of token non-athletic Black folks here and there. G DUBBZ, that's it? Where are the Percy Julians? The Jane Bolins? The Dr. Charles Drews? The Daniel Hale Williams? The Rita Doves? The Ossie Davises? The Alain Lockes?

History ain't what happened. It's what's TOLD.


Anonymous joffe jo said...

MAN i caught some of that bullshit today on cnn I was thinking the same shit while Bush was talking. That picture w/ washington does look like he's looking over his slaves.

10:34 PM  
Blogger vik said...

cool. i'm not the only one who saw that subliminal. i mean george washington????

i know bush had gotta find some black folks to bring to the white house for his february for-the-press gatherings...but give US a break....

11:10 AM  

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