February 07, 2007

Remembering DILLA

Happy Birthday DILLA!

He created more than canvases for MC's to paint on. He created more than just a beat. He created soundtracks. Soundtracks for gettin' up in the morning. Soundtracks to get your swagger on. Soundtracks to cry to. Soundtracks to laugh with.

Hip-hop was too confining a term.

Soul. Jazz. Blues. Funk. Electronic. DILLA wasn't satisfied with the limitations of the aforementioned terms. Yeah, they're all facets to DILLA's sound, but he knew how to use them to make a brew that was all his own. There's a breakbeat. Then there's THE breakbeat that only DILLA could conquer, creating HIS sound out of a snare that no one else has duplicated.

Dilla didn't respect musical boundaries, he painted outside the lines.

Listen to a DILLA record today. LOUD.
J. DILLA - Donuts - The ORIGINAL Samples
STREAM Stones Throw Podcast #17: Thank You JAY DEE, Act 2


Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy b-day.

blastin DONUTS all day!

2:24 PM  
Anonymous dylanross said...

Thanks man. THis is helpful. Check out my Dilla tribute mixtape dropping soon.

3:05 PM  

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