February 20, 2007

Where Are They NOW? New Orleans Students Remix NEEDED

Bob James - Take Me To the Mardi Gras
Professor Longhair - Big Chief

Nas was able to get Sir-Mix-Alot, Dana Dane, and Chip Fu for his remixes. Yeah, Chip Fu. However, even Nas may not be able to answer the REAL TALK where are they now?

Where are the kids? Enrollment at NOLA public schools, a year and a half after Katrina, is 1/3 of its original enrollment. Yes, NOLA is at half-capacity since the hurricane. Is it too far an extrapolation to assume that school enrollment should be at half-capacity as well?

Not only is school enrollment dismally low, average attendance rates are only 83%. So, schools are at 1/3 of their pre-Katrina enrollment, with 83% actually showing up to school. Is it irony, poetic justice, or governmental bureacracy to blame for the renaming of NOLA's school districts to the "Recovery School Districts?"

Damn. Add to the mix the severe teacher shortage in NOLA. So, let's forget the "where are they (the kids) NOW" question. How about, "Are you ready for some SAINTS FOOTBALL?"


Blogger Amadeo said...

My job took me to my old high school the other day for business. When I looked around and spoke to a teacher that I once had I was not surprised that kids would rather get there GED. When I think of that and then throw Katrina into the mix, I wonder if those numbers are inflated

11:27 AM  
Blogger vik said...

yeah, they are definitely inflated. check out the attendance at the charter schools versus the "recovery" schools (btw recovery is govt slang for ghetto)

nearly 100% vs about 60%. plus if you show up for one period, you are counted as attending.

something is eff the effed up.

11:22 PM  

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