February 14, 2007

Biochemical Slang is for the (making of) CHILDREN

We here at Biochemical Slang strive to bring you the truth. Unfortunately, the TRUTH doesn't usually come with rainbows and sunshine. Unfortunately, the truth doesn't always allow us to crack a smile.

The truth can hurt: New Orleans is slowly becoming our modern-day Lost City of Atlantis, as we forget its people as they murder one another. Our country has become so accustomed to autocratic rule, our House and Senate are spending valuable hours debating the phrasing of a resolution that will officially denounce G DUBBZ's surge. Don't believe the hype this February, Supremacy still runs this rap ish. While we take our democracy for granted, others are DYING for some democracy. Literally. While other countries prepare their children for the FUTURE, we underfund our schools, we hold debates over the validity of Creationism, and we prepare our kids for the fantasy-world of MySpace, PS3's, and rap beefs.


It's more than the internets. February 14th, 2007, although MAN-made, can hold a higher purpose. Family and friends are the reason we're here. Family and friends are the reason this fight is worth the struggle. Family and friends are THE TRUTH. LOVE is THE TRUTH. Go tell someone that. NOW.

Biochemical Slang wishes it's readers all the LOVE in the world (no Mark Foley). We're in this struggle together (Double No Juelz Santana).

Betty Davis - Your Mama Wants Ya Back
Betty Davis - If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up
Millie Jackson - If Lovin' You Is Wrong (I Don't Want to be Right)
Millie Jackson - The Memory of a Wife
Laura Lee - What A Man
Ann Peebles - You've Got the Papers (But I've Got the Man)
Ann Peebles - Bip Bam Thank You Mam


Anonymous Anonymous said...

tru shit indeed

9:13 PM  
Blogger Amadeo said...

Dude...as much as I was intrigued by Crazy-Astro-Babe. It's killing me that there has been no coverage of the $12 Billion in cash that the Gov. can't account for. Imagine what the war on terror will be if "terrorists" just picked our pocket for that much currency.

1:50 PM  

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