May 16, 2007

Can You IMAGINE??!?!?!!!??

Nas - I Gave You Power
Damian Marley - It Was Written

Can you imagine a NEW YORK CITY without guns? Can you imagine a PHILADELPHIA, an OAKLAND, or an EAST ST. LOUIS without guns? Probably not.

How sad is that? It's like guns have become a part of our fabric of reality. Woven into our collective consciousness, to the point that the world seems strange without them. How odd would it be to turn on the local late night news program and NOT hear about GUNS? Exactly.

Can you imagine a MOGADISHU without guns?

Mohamed Dheere can. The new mayor of Mogadishu has OUTLAWED the ownership of guns, "The first thing I will do is to improve security. No weapons will be allowed to roam freely in the city and no guns will be fired." Is the man CRAZY? Obviously. Does the man have an IMAGINATION. Hell yes.

When's the last time WE could say we had a political leader with IMAGINATION? With CHUTZPAH? With COJONES? Even Zubaz dared to be different.

"There are so many places that so far have been searched and so many weapons unearthed. There is no exact figure or statistics on all the weapons that have so far been found," Interior Minister Mohamed Mahamud Guled said. Well, at the very least, it's a START. We care more about our guns than we care about our people!

The next time you hear of another senseless GUN murder, think of MOGADISHU. A Somalian Mayor dared to IMAGINE. What is YOUR mayor doing?!?!?!????!


Blogger True Diva said...

i feel ya on this one

6:30 PM  
Blogger Jason Kirk said...


Why IMAGINE when we can THINK?

Dig through the crime rates in DC, Australia, certain UK towns, and Morton Grove (Illinois) after their respective gun bans. Increases in murder, rape, and robbery, across the board. Increases in handgun-related murder, especially.

Meanwhile, since you asked about my mayor... Kennesaw, GA, the town I spent my teens in, has been murder-free for almost 26 years after passing tourist-baiting legislation asking that every homeowner stay strapped. Their crime rates fell as DC's and Morton Grove's rose. It was a symbolic law meant to put the place on the map as a rebellious little suburb, ho ho look how much we rednecks love our guns, but it turns out criminals aren't dumb enough to fuck with a city that essentially recruited its own militia. It's a bizarre and embarrassingly quaint law, but since you're talking about desperate and creative solutions for violence, it's worth mentioning.

9:29 PM  
Blogger Amadeo said...

I would say the gun lobby has too much power, but that's not true. The people don't have faith in themselves and in turn politicians don't have faith that just appealing to the people will get them elected.

9:45 AM  
Blogger vik said...

@true diva - guns are everywhere

@ jason - good points my dude. yeah, those folks had IMAGINATION as well. it works both ways. maybe if we got rid of guns from BOTH the people AND the cops it could work in more settings than a small town

@amadeo - when money talks, motherfuckers listen

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nearly all robberies, rapes, and e&e's wouldnt happen if the criminal knows the "victem" was able to kill them.

Armed citizens turns easy money into a easy way to die. We all know a alarm dont scare off criminals, or a 15 minute wait for cops. But a bullet does.

When the victem is armed, criminal motherfuckers get a job and survive instead of attempt and die.

2:53 AM  

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