May 05, 2007

Pop Your Coronas, Snitches!

G DUBBZ is poppin' Coronas today. Join him.

He even brought out the maintain-stereotypes-mariachi-band. Ole! Where's the Taco Bell?

And don't forget G DUBBZ's favorite landscaper, Alberto. He's STILL maintaining that pristine, green White House South lawn. The US Department of Justice lawn? Not so much.

And what would a Mexican celebration be without mentioning immigration reform?

Pop those Coronas, SNITCHES! And don't forget the limes! Hasta luego.


Blogger nerditry said...

Damn, that's nice. Landscaper being the new weed carrier or wig brusher?

The racism in DC is delicious.

11:21 PM  
Blogger vik said...

yeah you gotta love it:

gonzales = the scapegoat

gonzales = the distraction

all the while, our administration stays effing us

6:10 AM  
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