May 04, 2007

JUST a FRIENDLY Game of Basketball

Main Source - Just a Friendly Game of Baseball (Bonus version)
Bob Dylan - Only a PAWN in THEIR Game

NEWSFLASH! Supremacy permeates every corner of our society! Even sports! Even sports that are NUMERICALLY dominated by Black men. Don't get it twisted. What you SEE isn't what you GET. Yeah, Black men are runnin' up and down the court, but who's holdin' the marionette strings? Who's signin' the checks? Who's the 40 million dollar slave?

Apparently, referees call fouls against black players at a higher rate than white players. Does the presence of racism constitute NEWS? Of course, David STERN had a response: “We think our cut at the data is more powerful, more robust, and demonstrates that there is no bias.”

I wasn't moved to post about this, until I headed to the NYTIMES reader's comments about the article. It's amazing what your computer can do to you. Basement bloggers become philosophers. The sheet of anonymity brings out the animosity. The truth lies beneath the surface.

Biochemical Slang got an EXCLUSIVE look at the NYTIMES READERSHIP. Take a look at the NYTIMES readers below and try to match their pictures to their QUOTES, found below. Make a GAME out of it!

The College Grad White (owns a dead prez CD).

The College Grad White: the ANTHROPOLOGY major.

The NEVER-gonna-leave-da-BRONX white.

The Black academic AKA the Black exception to the rule.

The you-can't-FEEL-MY-pain white.

NYTIMES Reader's Quotes:
  • What I have experienced is a social failure to instill the same values in every segment of society. The people I have encountered in my life who were raised in urban situations have less “filters” to their vocality. This lack of respect and manners aggrivates me. I treat them with less respect in turn. Am I racist, probably, Classist, more likely.

  • look i’m not racist, i’ve even worked in one of the most prestigious african-american ad agencies, but i’ll be completely honest and i get more scared seeing a black man in an alley rather than a white man when it’s late. i bet you if the readers our honest they would say the same thing. and i bet a black guy gets more suspicious of a white guy when all things are equal?

  • I would be surprised to find that black players DON’T commit more fouls. They seem to whine and complain and expect special treatment more than white players, why wouldn’t they foul more?

  • Will this nonsense EVER STOP!?!? I’m white and live in the Bronx. If I get pulled over or stopped for anything, can I claim discrimination and maybe sue someone/anyone? Why not? I’M the MINORITY in my neighborhood. Let’s stop with this ridiculous victim mentality. What a joke.

  • Why don’t we all just stay in our homes for the rest of our lives, as we need to be sensitive to EVERYONE’S feelings! We have to watch what we say, who we say it to and HOW we say it.

  • ...electrifying the hoop so a slam dunker who touches the hoop for more than one second gets a 10 amp shock. Does this sound ludicrous? So does the idea of ANYTHING in the NBA being biased against African-Americans!
  • Is it possible that a significant portion of black players learn to play a more physical brand of basketball in the playgrounds/streets than their counterpart whites who were more likely to learn it in some suburban league, and thus blacks are more prone to get called for fouls? I don’t pretend to know the statistics of where white/black players learned to play the game but I suspect that the question I pose above might show some interesting results.

  • ridiculous. maybe urban b-ball is rougher than suburban hoops; are they calling more fouls when the “victim” is white and the “criminal” ‘non-white’?

  • Perhaps the discrepancy is due to the fact that black players break the rules more often, thus getting more fouls.


Were you able to match the quotes to the pictures?


Anonymous Vee said...

I read the article and I'll simply go with the basketball players who have publicly responded. They don't see a difference. Mark Cuban said, "We're all human." I don't even think the Freakonomic guys would spend time researching this non-issue. Yes, you will find biases when comparing whites and blacks in sports and outside of sports. Mr. Wolfers last statement in the article sums it up best, "but less than when you're trying to hail a cab at midnight." Will an economist research that phenomena and get a write up in the NYTimes? Will the question, their data, and their conclusion bring about change in behavior? I think not.

I think your angle was more interesting, how the sheet of anonymity brings out animosity.

Clearly Joe Crawford has issues and I think there is a bias against Rasheed Wallace, even when he's not disagreeable. But that's understandable, right? I don't know.

As far as most statistical data is concerned, I'm almost sure that some one has countering data that can sway ones opinion. This article reminds of the not-so-recent time when Larry Legend suggested that the NBA needs more white all-stars.

- The album version of "Friendly Game of Baseball" is better.

- Did you read 40 Million Dollar Slave? I've been meaning to get it.

Off Topic: I'm mad at Dirk, this was the second time he was a complete no-show in the post-season. I guess Don Nelson is his father. 8 points?!? Stupid question but, should Dirk keep his MVP trophy or should they give Nash his third consecutive trophy?

2:57 PM  
Anonymous enigmatik said...

I love how it always seems like someone is trying to discredit basketball. I love it.

Ok, no I don't. I wish these a-holes could just shut up forever or at least wait until the damn playoffs are over before they come out with yet another conspiracy theory.

And Dirk's heart pumps Crystal Light.

5:15 PM  
Blogger vik said...

@yo vee - i don't truly believe the article....however, supremacy is EVERYWHERE, even the basketball court. that's not news to me. also, once i started reading the reader comments.....i had to post some of em.

@enigmatik - not fueling the fire of discrediting b-ball. just fueling the supremacy is still alive fire.

there's always more kindling.....

7:19 AM  
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