May 26, 2006

A Legend is Lost. Desmond Dekker.

Desmond Dekker July 16th 1941 - May 26th 2006

``He was the first reggae superstar ... When Desmond had his first hit 'Israelites,' nobody had ever heard of Bob Marley. He was one of the nicest, gentlest persons on Earth.''

Desmond Dekker died suddenly of a heart attack today. Reggae has lost an elder statesman. Desmond was the first reggae artist that I really began listening to. He introduced me to the rhythm and soul of reggae and rocksteady. Life was a simple concept. "Keep a Cool Head." "Honor your Mother and Father." "This is the time that we all should live as one, brothers."

There's nothing wrong with simplicity. Written years ago, his songs still ring true today. He brought an innocence and stark reality to his music. He introduced his white audiences to the ravages of third world poverty. Beyond that beach resort, there are people slavin just for a piece of bread. All while you couldn't keep from dancing.

Them a loot,
Them a shoot,
Them a wail.
At Shanty Town.
When rude boy deh pon probation,
Then rude boy a bomb up the town.

Sadly, still rings true. A legend. He will be missed. Don't sleep. Don't forget.
The Best of Desmond Dekker: Rockin' Steady:


Blogger Zero G Sound said...


thanks for your comment over at the zerogsound blog and for the link. I´m going to publish a link to your site as well.

Desmond Dekkers early death is a really sad news, so let us enjoy his great music.

I´m just listening to your "Voice of Protest: Diggin in the Crates"-cimpilation, great work!! Big up!

10:40 AM  

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