June 21, 2006

What's a Nasdaq? Who's Dow Jones?

Apparently, the Dow Jones Industrial average will serve as the basis of two leveraged exchange-traded funds. The Nasdaq has increased by more than one percent. The Dow Jones Industrial average has been consistently over 11,000 points since approximately February.

More money is funneled through New York City than you can even imagine. Millions are made, millions are lost. Countries become world powers. Developing nations become Third World countries. Thousands of people control the fates of billions.

The Dow Jones is over 11,000 points. I still dont know what the hell that really MEANS. It's still has CONTROL over the interest rate on my future mortgage.

Money has power. It gives you possibility. It makes you feel like you have everything. When you have it. If you're workin for it, you're still getting it in increments of $5.15 per hour. That's before taxes. Let's do some math: $5.15/hour x 40 hours/week x 52 weeks per year = $10,712/year. That's before taxes. Don't forget the City tax on top of that.

According to Republican Senator Johnny Isakson: ''For every increase you make in the minimum wage, you will cost some of them their jobs....[The minimum wage increase is a] classic debate between two very different philosophies. One philosophy that believes in the marketplace, the competitive system ... and entrepreneurship. And secondly is the argument that says the government knows better and that topdown mandates work.''

Debate? Philosophy? A brother still needs to eat. If only I had that check from FEMA.

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