January 10, 2007

Happie Fif Berfday No Chyld Left Bee Hind!

Gil-Scott Heron - Save the Children

No Child Left Behind is celebrating it's fifth birthday this week. Ok, so Bush tells us the achievement gap is decreasing. What relevance does this hold when we live in a country that doesn't value an education? What does it mean to close the achievement gap, when ALL of our kids are achieving nothin', relative to their colleagues all over the globe? When your yard stick is an inch, everything LOOKS real good.

Happy Birthday NCLB! May your next year be as glorious as your last five. You've managed to make school a glorified test preparation center with free baby sitting. You've managed to maintain the status quo. You've managed to create a generation of children that have not been shown the value of critical reasoning. You've managed to fuel the fire that is burning in Iraq. May the fire stay burning forever.

Best wishes NCLB!


Blogger Amadeo said...

Aww man don't even get me started on this tip. I spent the length of NCLB working with youth and they dropping em off at possibly a quicker rate than before...they need to kill that "you get dropped from school rolls at 16 for non attendance". Especially since kids know it and wait til that time to stop showing up and schools just try to get them to come long enough to count them and get money.

10:46 AM  
Blogger vik said...

yeah dude... NCLB is a policy-makers wet dream.

cheap. sounds good on paper. involves minorities. maintains status quo.

the wors part about it is what you mention. kids KNOW how to PIMP the system. unfortunately, the system they're pimpin will eventually get the best of em.

jail. iraq.

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

majority of highschool kids definately are dropping out at the age of 16 now, since they see it like "Why do I have to sit through boring ass college prep classes till I grad in 4 yrs, when I can leave and get some G.E.D. and be employed in a position where thinking isn't required"

Then we have a slew of wanna-be thugs and trollups in training who can barely speak the english language, seriously making America seem more ignorant than what foreign countries already see it when we have 30 yr olds possesing the diction of elementary school students..majority of teens already walking that path and they dont see any reason to better themselves with literacy and articulacy.

Nahm sayin Nukka? Wuz Rally Hood Doe?

3:16 PM  

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