January 08, 2007

Planning Your Mistakes.

Scarface -
Money and the Power
Bill Withers -
World Keeps Going Around
Country Joe & the Fish -
Together (album dedicated to Bobby Hutton)

Minority empowerment is a scary phrase. Just ask the tutoring companies that have been hired to teach failing NYC school-kids. Ignorance isn't just bliss. It's CASH. Empowerment means less ignorance. Less ignorance means less cash. YOU do the math. Black leadership, organization, and hope. They don't go for the bullets nowadays, they just go for the quick shot to the American PSYCHE. Verbal assassination.

I'm the last person to jump on the Barack-is-our-savior bandwagon. However, I'm not gonna knock the guy for trying. Unfortunately, the powers-that-be don't play like I do. Barack's black. Strike one. Barack's last name sounds like Osama. Strike two. Would you believe that his middle name is Hussein? Cot dammit, that's strike three.

When major news networks, like CNN and Yahoo, call a United States senator Osama, there are one of two possibilities at play:
1. an honest mistake
2. an underhanded verbal assassination plot, cooked up by Supremacy.

This is Biochemical Slang, so YOU KNOW, we're goin' with number two. Obama needs to prove to me that he is capable of handling leadership roles by acting on the issues that are plaguing our communities. Intermittent speeches and trips to Africa just don't cut it. Then, maybe then, Osama'll earn my vote.

However, when I witness the powers-that-be aiming their verbal glocks at the American psyche, I gotta call 'em on it. You say Obama. We say Osama. Words, aimed and timed precisely, can sting like bullets.


Blogger Amadeo said...

I been peeping this. For real I was saying dude hadn't done much to this point. He obviously is scaring people though. My problem is it sounds like they all stole one of Stephen Colbert's bits.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous CB4 said...

I'm shocked that Wolf Blitzer would be associated with a mistake like this... he's got so much... integrity.

In the article, I lol'd at this part:

"Though I'd note that the 's' and 'b' keys aren't all that close to each other, I assume it was just an unfortunate mistake, and don't think there was any truly malicious intent," Vietor said.


9:53 PM  
Blogger vik said...

what up cb4,

yeah, that last comment had me rollin.

8:56 PM  

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