March 03, 2007

Money Only Gets You So Far

Barrington Levy - Money Makes Friends
Gil Scott-Heron - Or Down You Fall

Now that Al Sharpton has some time to kill, as he waits for his DNA results to come back, he can work on Sean Bell's "friend" Trent Benefield. Al was nice enough to buy him a new suit. He probably even ironed it for him. If you stop by Trent's MySpace page, you'll notice the "money-shots" are missing (see above for a sample of the deleted pictures...thank god for right-click-save-as). No more makin' it rain for Trent.

Al KNOWS how to handle his business in the courtroom. Just ask Tawana Brawley. Yeah, I said it.

Trent has changed his pitch up. No more swimmin' in the community's hard-earned money. With all those leathers and crisp brims, it's probably long gone. Hundred dollar bills only last so long. Hundred dollar bills can only help you forget for so long. Sean Bell is still gone. I truly hope Trent has come to grips with the passing of Sean Bell. I truly hope that Trent has realized that life is a blessing. Literally. 50 bullets and he's still breathing.

Money ain't a thing, Trent.


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