April 16, 2007

At least Paul Newman had the decency to RUN THROUGH the BRONX

Step to Me - Diamond D
Show 'Em How We Do Things - Lord Finesse
The Way You Do My Life - Joe Quarterman & the Free Soul

Imagine the following situation:

The instructor tells the soldier, "You are in the Bronx. A black van is stopping in front of you. Three African-Americans are getting out and they are insulting your mother in the worst ways ... Act."

The soldier fires his machine gun several times and yells an obscenity several times in English. The instructor then tells the soldier to curse even louder.

Now click on this link and WATCH IT. I don't know a word of German, but I know SUPREMACY when I hear it. The perception of Bronx Blackness as an incentive to kill. The mental image of Bronx Blackness to pump that extra adrenaline, before your finger squeezes the trigger. Black boys are invading YOUR space, SHOOT! Fort Apache is here and now, SHOOT!

Perception isn't everything. Perception is the ONLY thing.

Of course, seeing and hearing those words, we are quick to condemn them. Of course, the politicians are also quick to publically condemn the German army and their officer's choice of venomous words. Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion Jr. noted, "The German government obviously has work to do to correct something that is insidious." Obviously.

Overt racism gets dealth with real quick. Just ask your man Imus.

Before you gasp at the German officer's use of the BRONX to get his troops to KILL, consider the following:
  • Driving through the BRONX on the Hutchinson River Parkway, Bronx River Parkway, Major Deegan, etc is NOT considered visiting the Bronx.
  • Visiting Yankee Stadium is NOT considered visiting the Bronx.
  • Going to Riverdale is NOT considered visiting the Bronx.
  • Watching A BRONX TALE, FORT APACHE THE BRONX, or listening to a Fat Joe record is not considered Bronx culture.

Perception is everything.

No joke, while walking the streets of Manhattan recently, I overheard a dude telling his new-to-NYC-friend to make sure he LOCKED his car doors while driving back to Connecticut, even while on the FREEWAY!

SUPREMACY...still pimpin' all over the world!


Blogger Dj Triple Threat said...


That post card is hella fresh.

12:15 PM  
Blogger Amadeo said...

I remember a white kid posed the question if people were scared when they walked into a room and were the only people of their race there. Most of the white people said yes. I said no, makes sense cause most of them will be scared of me. I'm more scared of poor white people than anything. You never know what they might do.

I'm not surprised by any of this...fear of black people sold Samuel Colt's first product.

2:49 PM  
Blogger vik said...

@mdot - yeah, i love that post card. i gotta find em and spread the word via snail mail: the bronx is where it's at.

amadeo - fear runs this rap ish. and, usually, perceptions shape our fears....that's some messed up mathematics when you put those two together.

10:29 AM  

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