April 12, 2007

A Biochemical Slang Friendly Reminder

Jerry Butler - No Money Down
Bill Withers - Use Me

YOU struggle to balance your budget every month. You've got rent, utilities, KIDS, and loans. If you forget, even for a second, a collection agency will be more than happy to remind you of your credit status. Wanna buy a house? Gain some equity? Get some money BACK from the government, for a change? You better BALANCE that monthly budget.

Our government? Not so much. The U.S. government posted a March deficit of 96.27 billion dollars. Yeah. $96,270,000,000. In one month. This is a 12.9 percent increase over last year's March deficit. AND, we'll do it again next month.

This is a friendly Biochemical Slang reminder: don't forget to file your income tax return!


Anonymous enigmatik said...

96 billion. yet and still there are homeless people, people who lack medicine for curable diseases, children lack supplies and books for school, crime rates
are rampant, etc. etc.

btw - responded to you over at my spot, vik.

5:42 PM  
Blogger vik said...


i love how i'll get fined. you'll get fined.

the gov't? the dudes that should be settin an example?


12:02 AM  

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