April 23, 2007

The South Is NOT Killin' Hip-Hop.

Sly & the Family Stone - Babies Makin' Babies
Della Humphrey - Don't Make the Good Girls Go Bad
Smokey Robinson - The Family Song

Enough with the arguments. Biochemical Slang will concede: the South is NOT killing hip-hop. Their babies? Not so much.

Things are looking UP in America. It just depends on WHERE you look. Along with gas prices and the American death toll in Iraq, we can add the Southern infant mortality rate to the numbers that are on the RISE in America.

A black child born in MISSISSIPPI has a 17/1000 chance of dying before reaching the age of one year. What makes that statistic even more heartbreaking? That number is on the RISE. Let's put Mississippi's black infant mortality rate in perspective. The following are a selection of countries with a lower infant mortality rate than the black population of Mississippi:
  • Malaysia
  • Bahrain
  • Jordan
  • Brunei
  • Uruguay
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
In Mississippi, infant deaths among blacks rose to 17 per thousand births in 2005 from 14.2 per thousand in 2004, while those among whites rose to 6.6 per thousand from 6.1. How can we explain these terrifying numbers? Obesity? Cuts in Medicaid? Lack of prenatal care? Lack of motivation to attend prenatal care classes? Lack of an adequate public education system? Disenfranchisement? Lack of jobs? Lack of responsibility? A culture of failure? A culture of supremacy?

Enough! We need to be asking ourselves more important questions: Is Lil Wayne the greatest rapper alive?


Anonymous VEe said...

Are you working on a masters in economics? Just had to ask.

Maybe it is the widespread stop snitching campaign?

10:11 AM  
Anonymous enigmatik said...

cue GZA's "Cold World."

and yes, Weezy Having Intercourse With A Grown Man Who Calls Himself Baby is the greatest rapper alive.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous enigmatik said...


2:57 PM  
Blogger Amadeo said...

Damn. Malaysia? That's a place that seems like I could step off the plane catch something and die.

4:21 PM  
Blogger true supermodel said...

I read this article. The author also mentioned that many of the women in Missippi weight 300 and 400 pounds. That is a lot of weight for a preganat woman to carry around.

5:41 PM  
Anonymous dp said...

300-400lbs?!? That's not a woman, that's a manatee.

Weezy F Baby is the hero of the zeros. He dropped out of school at 13 to become a rapper fulltime. His rhymes reflect that level of life experience.

Pray for America.

4:26 AM  
Blogger vik said...

vee - no, not in the economics field...maybe i should be....

yo, the most ridiculous part of the article, was the woman who greeted her pre-natal care social worker with a breakfast of MOUNTAIN DEW and POTATO CHIPS.


12:05 PM  

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