April 17, 2007

Biochemical Slang Presents: News You Can USE

O.V. Wright - Motherless Child
Mandrill - Peace & Love Movement IV (Encounter)
  • Believe it or not, Rwanda is STILL counting bodies from their 1994 genocide. Believe it or not, they've exceeded ONE MILLION. Believe it or not, Darfur is still a genocide-in-progress.
  • Apparently, we discovered WMD's IRANIAN weapons in Afghanistan. Let us now watch as the kindling gets thrown upon the let's-invade-Iran-FIRE. Oh wait, it's already started: "Military force is your last tool," General Pace said, "not your first."
  • US gun laws are drawing HEAT from other countries in the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy. An example from the French paper Le Monde: "It would be unjust and especially false to reduce the United States to the image created, in a recurrent way, from the bursts of murderous fury that some isolated individuals succumb to. But acts like this are rare elsewhere, and tend to often disfigure the 'American dream.'''
  • Now it's scientifically proven that our government is wasting our TAX dollars. $176 million dollars is spent on abstinence-until-marriage-education in this country. Turns out, kids start doin' the nasty at an average of 14.9 years of age, regardless.
  • The number of American casualties in Iraq has reached 3,305. On top of this, during the last six months of fighting, American troops have experienced the highest death rate since the Iraq war began.
  • The kids of Katrina, instead of being educated, are being USED as pawns in the charter school game.
  • Student loan provider Sallie Mae's stock soar, as the company is bought for $25 BILLION. Meanwhile, 20 student loan providers and 100 colleges have come under scrutiny for effing students for their own paper.
  • Oh yeah, about this guy named Gonzales.....
Good night and good luck.


Blogger Robert said...

Hey Vik,
Someone was comparing the US and China and he made a solid point which is that the Chinese government is way less hypocrite than the good ole' US goverment.
176 millions on abstinence until marriage programs??

10:12 AM  
Blogger Amadeo said...

I was looking for RFPs and everything was abstinence. You couldn't even mention other alternatives in your programing either.

At the age for those programs all people really think about is sex. I didn't turn in a proposal btw.

12:09 PM  
Blogger Dallas said...

Good shit Vik as always. Thanks for that link to the NYTimes coverage of the VT incident. Reading the Times readers comments was a blast.

You generally think that people that read the NYTimes are enlightened. After I went through those comments my thoughts are... Not so much.

12:30 AM  

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