January 05, 2007

Livin' In A City Without A HOME

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You'll be spendin' a lot of times in line about this time of year. You got all these damn gifts from people and you need some money. Eff it, return 'em. NOW! It's good for the economy.

While you wait in line, you can do some math. 7.5 billion dollars is the budget just allocated by Congress for the Road Home recovery project for New Orleans homeowners. Approximately 90,000 homeowners applied for assistance. Approximately 100 homeowners have received assistance checks. The Iraq war budget for the 2008 fiscal year (yeah, 2008, the government needs to plan ahead for their priorities) is 2.9 TRILLION dollars.

YOU do the math. Remember: 1000 x one billion = ONE Trillion.

Home is where your hotel room is.

New Orleans renters have another thing comin' for the 2007 fiscal year. As the federal government plans for Iraq '09, they're still trying to cope with 70% surges in rent. Currently, approximately 82,000 rental properties remain uninhabitable. Currently, the New Orleans SAINTS have a home and endorsement contracts.

YOU figure that one out.

NOLA holiday colors: burning bright since August 29th, 2005.

While we allow New Orleans to become a modern-day Atlantis, what little money we are spending is going to creating the environment for ANOTHER disaster. Federal guidelines require many homeowners in low-lying areas to demolish their existing homes and rebuild their homes, in accordance to new, more stringent, building codes.

That requires money. That requires effort. That requires compassion. That requires time.
How about some football?


Anonymous CB4 said...

7.5 billion for NO, and 2.9 trillion for Iraq - ouch. I suppose it's not that surprising if you think about it, but it's certainly sickening/disturbing.

Hmm.. Where would I rather live? In New Orleans, where they are neglecting to spend money, leaving it in a demolished state; or in Iraq, where they are spending nearly 50 times Iraq's GDP to destroy it. Thankfully I don't have to choose either one.


10:07 PM  

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