January 24, 2007

Obama = Black Quarterback?

Some quick food for thought:

Peep this insightful piece from NPR: Do Black athletes face glass ceiling?

After listening, peel yourself from your computer and peep this book: The Blind Side, Evolution of a Game.

Football. More than just a game. Politics, ditto. DISCUSS.


Anonymous Robert said...

Hey Vik,it's the weekend and I have time to check your fabolous blog...
It seems like the media is always downplaying what a black athlete will do as if they're all athletic and not smart.
Middle linebackers like Ray Lewis and Al Wilson base their strength on proper fundamentals and film studying.Ed Reed is another example,but I've stopped caring about what "the white media" thinks to be frank.Look at how they never downplay Urlacher though,who's mostly instinctive and athletic over cerebral...what a joke!!

9:12 AM  
Blogger vik said...

hey robert,

you might as well push the mute button before you watch the game. yeah, and it goes deeper than football. how many times will obama and hillary have to "defend" their race and gender?

you definitely should pick up the book blind side that i linked to. if you haven't done so already, you'd love the book "the ticket out"


3:53 PM  

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