April 24, 2007

Keep FEEDIN' You, and FEEDIN' You, and FEEDIN' YOU

For those of you with the stomach and the patience, watch Cam'ron's explanation of the stop snitchin' "code of ethics" (courtesy of THE RAP UP).

I'll spare you some of the details and leave you with some choice quotes:

  • You don’t need someone destroying you when your own people are the worst messengers possible.

  • It's like we're saying to the criminals: You can HAVE our communities.
  • A few years ago when Cam’ron started wearing pink clothing, kids in inner-city schools across the country started wearing it too.

My personal vote for saddest quotes (taken from children from a Harlem church group):
  • WHATEVER THEY DISH OUT, WE EAT IT UP. They could dish out the nastiest thing in the world, but we would still EAT IT UP.

  • If rappers are your teachers, what are they teaching you? Don’t back down from a fight. Get money. Hold your own. Mind your business. Don’t snitch. Look fresh.

  • It’s a crime, you remember, in our community to snitch.

  • Why? Because that’s the rules.

Damn. It's time to START OVER, people. It's times like these that the COSMIC FORCES of Prophet STEVIE WONDER calm the nerves and the SOUL. People, it's time to LOOK AROUND!

We are idle strangers
Married to our dangers
Into space we go to change our ways

Flying to our heavens
We are all together
Into hell we chase the light of day

Look around and you'll see
Ruins of the human history
Look around and you'll see
Time is only floating in your mind
You will find
Searching for time
Empty is your mind

We are charmed by living
Dazzled into giving
All the waste we plan to ignore

Coldness is the virtue
Measured by the untrue
Love is used for something but what for?


Blogger Amadeo said...

No one should ever talk to Cam'ron about anything...ever.

1:21 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

Really sad to hear Cam'ron's opinion on topics.He just doesn't seem to be aware of stereotypes.
Bill O'reilly and his fans will love to learn that he's not a snitch...lol

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Paul Santos said...

And if you're not up to facing the truth by LOOKING AROUND, take up a course in happiness!

2:36 PM  

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