April 30, 2007


What's Goin' On? - The Dirty Dozen Brass Band (feat Chuck D)
What's Goin' On? - Donny Hathaway

The truth is out there. You just have to look for it. Opening a newspaper or turning on the news, it's easy to forget that New Orleans is still in the "rebuilding" phase. Eff that. They haven't even crossed the bureacratic red-tape line.

All the while, the folks of New Orleans are just trying to get by. Grocery stores. Hospitals. Schools with teachers. Streets without guns. They're just trying to get by.

The truth is out there. We'll just help you look. Biochemical Slang presents: News you can USE (NOLA EDITION):
  • You don’t have to go to Baghdad to see what happens when government loses its monopoly on force; just visit New Orleans. The title "BAGHDAD ON THE BAYOU" says it all.

Good night and good luck.


Blogger Jince said...

wats up man, its my first post here and i figured this topic was as good as any...I admit that when the whole katrina thing happened, i wasnt too concerned. I was still in high school and cared about other things like the never-ending pursuit of pussy. But anyways, it wasnt until this year, spring break to be exact, that I actually paid attention to the situation in NO. I soon learned about an opportunity through my college to volunteer my spring break down there and signed up as fast as I could

let me tell you man, the things I saw there are things I would never wish upon anyone. I was there a little over a month ago and everything is still shit. The houses look like they were JUST hit by the hurricane. I mean, theres fucking dvd's and bottles of half-drank liquor in these damaged homes.

Most of the time, there were entire blocks that were abandoned by its residents.

Now, about the police situation: When I was there, there was a scuffle between a couple, both residents of NOLA. When 911 was called, the 911 operator simply asked "Are they black or white?" (they were black) over half an hour later, two humvees with about three soldiers (or national guardsmen, i dont know) show up along with two cops. The fucking army showed up man! thats when I realized that NOLA is incredibly fucked up.

They say its gonna take fifteen years for NOLA to be the same again...lets hope it happens sooner


8:46 PM  
Blogger vik said...

what's goin on jince.

damn. this is what we need more of my dude. TRUTH.

we hear about the revitalization. we're gonna rebuild.


where are the results? where are the teachers for the schools?

i appreciate your comments jince. kudos to visiting nola and coming away with something.


9:40 PM  
Anonymous Slots Secrets said...

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