May 30, 2006

A Nine to Five, just to Feed the Fam

What do you think is the biggest problem with hip-hop today?

Ghost: A lack of originality, that's it. Everybody's coming out the same.

Do you think that's changing? Is there anyone coming along right now that you're excited about?

Ghost: No, fuck hip-hop. I ain't feeling that shit right now. I don't even listen to hip-hop. I just do this shit because I gotta feed my family.

During a recent interview, Ghostface let it out. The secret. Cars, bitches, rims, booty, crack, skrilla. It's just the suit you put on before you go to work. Some punch time clocks, some wear ties, some rap. Honey, have you seen my yellow Jesus piece? Ya know, the ones that go with my Air Forces?

I don't care what KRS says. Rap is a job. A nine to five. You wake up and "just go through a bunch of beats and thats it." "You get the beats, you write to them, you go in the studio and lay it down. Hopefully a song comes out sounding good. If it comes out sounding good, you put it to the side with the rest of the other good ones, and you try to decide which ones you're gonna use on the album."

Period. End of story. Wake up. Rap. Go home. Pay bills. Tuck the kid in. Sleep. Repeat.

This is more than Ghostface lamenting his lack of commercial success. This is more than Ghost lamenting all of the coffee shop chicks and white dudes at his shows. This is more than Ghost lamenting over the success of Laffy Taffy. This is Ghostface revealing the game for what it is. A job.

Nothing in that equation is worth dying for.

Delfonics: La La Means I Love You (1968):

Side note:This reminds of Tarantino's Jackie Brown scene that reveals white-people-are-different-than-black people: Samuel Jackson: YOU like the Delfonics?

Robert Forster: Yeah....they're pretty good.


Anonymous 9@home said...

Great post. Not just the Ghostface statement like we hadn't figured out some just keep doing this cos their line of clothes hasn't caught on or cos Hollywood ain't called yet... :)

I got the Delfonics joint from... um... prolly the same place you got it from and the reason I clicked on it in the first place was cos I remembered exactly that scene in Foxy Brown. :)
It's dope music. Some real family chillout music sitting at home, playing with my son...

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I don't care what KRS says. Rap is a job. A nine to five."

You got it wrong. KRS says "Rap is something you do. Hip Hop is something you live."

KRS statement supports what you're saying.

Besides, some of the tightest hip hop is being done right now. It seems the worse the mainstream gets, the sicker these underground mc's are. You just have to know where to look.


7:35 AM  

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