June 15, 2006

911 is OFFICIALLY a Joke

We've known about it for years. Overcrowding. Ridiculous wait times. Doctor unavailable. No beds here, why don't you try the hospital across town?

The Institute of Medicine just released a
"groundbreaking" report on the breakdown of the American emergency room. However, given the vast numbers of uninsured, this problem has been brewing for years. Combine a lack of insurance, mix with a lack of regular medical care, sprinkle in a dash of emergency care when needed. Let sit and marinade and fester for years.

The chickens have come home to roost. Lay eggs, nest, and call it home. More than 1/5 of this country relies on emergency care. This, of course, strains the entire health care system. Instead of predicting this inevitable "breaking point," we waited. And waited. Now that the problem effects more than the minority and immigrant hospitals, we're beginning to listen.

The report's recommendations are a joke. Recommendation one: install a system that coordinates emergency room availability with EMT dispatchers. In other words, let EMTs know in advance whether or not there are beds available. Why isn't this already in place? Recommendation two: increase the government funds to hospitals for disaster preparedness from $10,000. $10,000? Isn't that how much they paid for toilet paper? When the bird flu hits, it's the emergency room that's going to feel the pinch. Recommendation three: reduce emergency room care demand.

The root of the problem. Let's just plant around it. The flowers growing over the septic tank are always the prettiest.

How do we deal with the growing uninsured in this country? Do we dare mess with the pharmaceutical industry, HMO's, big government, and special interests? Or, should we just extend the baseball season?

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props on the eugene mcdaniels... not a bad track on this one, classic material

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