June 12, 2006

Guns 'R' Us. One more excuse to kill minorities.

Minorities are still getting shot by the cops. Still.

Coloring guns to look like toys isn't helping either. Corporate responsibility has been trumped by the green. Lauer Weaponry sells you all of your make-your-real-gun-look-like-a-toy-gun accessories. O'Sherbert, rose, cherry, and pink lady are among your various options. Now my guns can match my shoe laces and pink Yankees fitted.

Owner of Lauer Weaponry, Steve Lauer, knows he's not responsible. Paint doesn't kill people. Cops who shoot gangsters with painted guns kill people. "Our customers are all avid hunter and law enforcement, not gang-bangers." Translation: we don't care about minorities, but we'll take their money. Steve Lauer attempts to humorously ether Bloomberg and his anti-gun press-conference: "Maybe the real gun is the one with the hole and barrel?" Translation: I need an excuse to sell this shit.

His final piece of evidence: "We're not getting orders from New York City." In other words, if someone from Ohio colors his guns, he can't drive them to NYC. Of course. Not only are guns easy to come by, they can now be accessories.

Life can be so simple. Peace. Unity. Havin fun. Period.

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