June 09, 2006

The Prison Diet. Wash your mouth out with more than soap.

The trial of the word and its various endings is over. The centerpiece of the trial has been the use of the infamous word. 6 letters or 5 letters. There's a difference. According to the prosecutor, there's the wrong way and the "hip-hop way."

The defense managed to have N-word self-proclaimed expert (in others words, a black man who doesn't mind white folks saying nigg__ or nigg_) Randall Kennedy testify in defense of white people's use of said word. Randall Kennedy decided to testify for free, in order to "stand by" his book.

"Asked how the testimony went, Mr. Gaudelli [defense] said: 'I think I did good; I got a Rhodes scholar to testify for nothing and all I had to do is drive him to the airport.'" Damn. It's hard out there for a Harvard professor. Must be tryin to up his Amazon sales rank.

If Nicholas Minucci is acquitted, the great white rappers out there are gonna multiply like rabbits. Newly freed from the shackles of the oppression of not being able to use "that word" outside of their suburban bedrooms. All the defense needed to do was show the jury this video:

Nick would be sittin in Rikers with Tyrone. Ridiculous. The N-word is on trial. We're losing focus. A man was beaten. That's the job of the cops.


Anonymous dp said...

I like duke's video. I like how happy he is with himself that he is fighting against privilege and supremacy.

Hid headwear is killing me.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah i didnt watch the whole thing but i dont see what is wrong with fighting for something you believe in as long as its reasonable... if hes fighting for having the right to make music he wants or do things he wants without being disrespected and without disrespecting then what is wrong with that

11:32 AM  

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