June 14, 2006

For the Tourists: A New York Area Hate Crime Update

Welcome to New York City. It's gonna be a busy tourist season this year. Come prepared.

Fat Nick was found guilty. We can legally call him a racist now. Apparently, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Nicholas Minucci's mother decided to publicly ether the prosecutor, claiming the prosecutor had it out for her son from the beginning, due to her "half-and-half children." "Let's call a spade a spade." As a result, Glenn Moore (Fat Nick's target) is planning on suing Fat Nick and his posse.

Phillip Grant, a homeless man, wanted to start a "race war." "All I knew was she had blond hair and blue eyes and she had to die," Phillip Grant allegedly said. Phillip now is on trial for the murder as a hate crime of Concetta Russo-Carrierro. The case isn't so simple. It turns out White Plains likes to keep its homeless out of sight and mind. Up until this unfortunate incident, White Plains bussed its homeless from its shelters and just dropped them off downtown. When has bussing people solved anything? When has releasing known sex offenders with known psychiatric problems and no social network and education, done anything but create more problems? Solving problems after they occur is just easier.

Aviance, a singer, was beaten by four young men. While they beat him, they yelled anti-gay epithets. Aviance suffered a broken jaw, among other injuries.

Four Long Island teens were arrested for the beating as a hate crime of two Mexican immigrants. Most telling, is a quote from one of the assailant's mother: "I find it hard to believe that my son would have made racial remarks, being that his stepfather is Hispanic. ... The man who basically raised him is Dominican." Uhhh. One of the many things I learned as a school teacher in the Bronx, Dominicans hate Mexicans. Period.

Finally, worried that a mall was becoming "too white," Carl Graves threw a concrete brick through the window of a family's car, while it was moving, containing a mother and her four children.

Welcome to New York City. WAKE UP PEOPLE!
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Anonymous dp said...

as new york city becomes the playground for only the very rich we will start to see more of these crimes classified as 'hate' crimes, but in my mind there is a class war being fought.

the longer the mainstream media can call it a racial divide will be the longer that we don't deal with it.

8:43 PM  

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